Uttar Pradesh Panchayat Elections 2015

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The entries in the forms must done in Hindi Unicode only. For help in typing unicode and installation help for Hindi input tool, please read this. Click Here

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A help guide with screen shots to understand how this portal works.

Employee Entry Help (Screenshots): Click Here

Other Documentation

Help Documents related to the activities on this portal.

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Features Updated: (19-Aug-2015)

  •   Provision to PROCESS SM/RO/ARO/SO to DIO login added.*final, not for testing*
  •   Provision to update Employees to Nodal login added.
  •   Provision to upload DM's signature to DIO login added.
  •   Provision to add Contractual Employees to Nodal login added.
  • Change password of Nodal Officer, DIO NIC, ADEO.

  • Target Offices for the District ( from DIO Login: DIO has to fill this once for state monitoriing)

  • Notifications has been added in the menu option. The changes date wise will be available here.

  • Directions regarding Employee Entry:

  • This is requested to treat the given login as the logins of the Nodal Officer and not of a particular department. A Nodal Officer may be looking after the 2 offices or more than two offices of the same type. Idea the Nodal officer should look after the offices of the same type.
  • The entries should be in Unicode only. Some of the Nodal Officers have fed the Offices in English. This will create problem in duty printing as some text will be in English and some text will be in Hindi.
  • If some DIOs wants to create some other Nodal Officers, then ID district-Other-1 to district-other5 may be used.
  • Try to keep the Nodal officers as minimum as possible. This will make monitoring possible for DM/CDO/ADM/DIO NIC/ADEO.
  • Unicode help is given at the top of the form entry page. The link is also provided on the notififications page (Unicode Help).
  • Please keep address as short as possible. Like
    कार्यालय को कार्या० लिखे अधिशासी अधिकारी को अधि०अधि० लिखे कहने का तात्पर्य यह है कि कार्यालय को शोर्ट में लिखे